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Porter is a suburban neighborhood in the northwest San Fernando Valley region of the City of Los Angeles, California. The neighborhood is bounded by Brown's Canyon/Chatsworth on the south and west, Northridge on the south, and Granada Hills on the northeast and east. The Santa Susana Mountains, which separate the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys, lie to the north. The principal thoroughfares are Mason Ave., Corbin Ave., Porter Ranch Drive, Tampa Ave. and Reseda Blvd., running north–south, and Sesnon Boulevard., Rinaldi St. and the Ronald Reagan Freeway (State Route 118), running east and west. The Porter Ranch ZIP code is 91326. Porter Ranch is in the hilly north-western tip of the San Fernando Valley, where, according to a 2008 Los Angeles Times article, it was a "calm outpost of Los Angeles'' that attracted residents ``seeking sanctuary from the urban hubbub." It was noted that the neighborhood had "some of the cleanest air in the Valley year-around—some of which is attributable to winds that sweep through the community regularly." Nevertheless, "those same winds, which have been clocked at 70 mph, take down trees and holiday lights. Renaissance Summit is a neighborhood at the highest point of Porter Ranch.

Porter Ranch community started as a housing tract in the community of Northridge. This was along San Fernando Mission Blvd west of Reseda Blvd circa 1960-1963. No homes were north of Rinaldi except for a few dozen above "the ridge", where there was a 7/11, which was a destination for determined kids who like to hike, or ride bikes up Tampa. These homes were only accessible via Tampa. Approximately 50 homes of the original tract were destroyed north of San Fernando Mission Blvd to build the 118 freeway. In the 1970/1971 "shake and bake" three merging fires from Indian Dunes to the Ocean in Malibu, surrounding Simi Valley.

The fall 1970 fire crossed Rinaldi west of Reseda Blvd. The largest hill just northeast of Reseda/Rinaldi was thereafter called "cherry hill" as it glowed like a cherry as its tall grasses burned. Undeveloped areas south of Rinaldi were substantially feral orange groves, north of Rinaldi were all grasslands. Kids would ride dirt bikes and motorcycles on the many trails in the grasslands and orange groves. Popular with the kids was "the secret of the three trees" visible on top of Oat Mountain. Kids would leave from Rinaldi hiking to the "three trees", the secret was a fourth tree behind out of sight. It was not unusual to have teen parties complete with rock bands (using a generator) in the canyon just west of Tampa Ave. It was so safe in the 1970s that kids were often instructed to be in, or at least check in, when the streetlights turned on.

According to the U.S. Census in 2000, the population was 24,923. Based on the Los Angeles Department of City Planning estimates, the population was 30,571 in 2008. With a population density of 4,462 people per square mile (1,723/km2), Porter Ranch is among the lowest-density neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles, but the density is about average for the county. Average household size was three people, about the same as the rest of the city and county. Of the housing units in Porter Ranch, homeowners occupied 91.8%, while renters occupied 8.2%. The median household income was $121,428 in 2008 dollars, a high figure for the city and the county. In Los Angeles County, Bel-Air, Hidden Hills and Rolling Hills had the most similar household incomes. The percentages of households that earn $60,000 and above were high for the county. Porter Ranch is rated the wealthiest neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, with Encino ranked second. For residents of the neighborhood in need of printer repair services, especially for their HP Printer Service and we offer such services and even more at Mobile Copier & Printer Repair and we cannot wait to have you!

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