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Printer Repair San Fernando Valley

Together with our team of well-trained and experienced technicians, the management of Mobile Copier & Printer Repair specializes in the repair and maintenance of all brands of copy and printing machines, and our services are evident in the quality results of each job we execute. We offer the best printer repair San Fernando Valley can ever get, and our major focus is giving you perfection both within and outside. Our services involve a great deal of thoroughness and attention and we believe that looking good alone is not always enough. In order to achieve this goal, our team carries out various detailed analysis of the problem, while employing the best methods obtainable.

In carrying out our repair services, we use the best products and materials and our team of professional technicians employ these towards offering your copy machine the finest repair services that would take it to the next level. Some of the telltale signs that your printer is in need of attention, is when lines, smears or missing colors begin to appear on your prints. This is asides other issues like a breakdown or fracture of parts of the printer. Some of the processes we employ, while servicing your printer include the following:

  • Primarily, go through your printer manual as this is the perfect guide on how best to proceed. Afterwards, ensure that the printer is turned off and not supplied with electricity before proceeding further. This is to avoid accidents such as electrocution and you can do this by simply turning off the power socket where it is plugged in.
  • Clean the device: this is usually the next stop and you do this by using a clean towel or related material, cotton swab, vacuum cleaner or canned air or a rubbing alcohol. Ensure to pay close attention to crevices and make sure to clean all the parts from to bottom. Take out the cartridge and clean. Ensure to clean off excess ink on the nozzles. Should the printer be a laser printer, clean the dirt around the drum and corona wire. Clean the paper feeder roller, the glass and the toner. Thereafter, lubricate your printer according to the instructions on the manual.
  • Check inside your printer for a paper jam: The papers not being properly aligned usually cause this, or loading curled, frayed or bent papers. Overloading the paper tray can also lead to paper jams. Thereafter, slowly remove the paper from the rear tray or paper output slot, then open the rear cover of the printer, pull out the paper slowly and close the cover. Thereafter, reload the paper and resume your printing.
  • Update the drivers and other necessary software: some manufactures offer automatic updates for their printers while some only provide for manual updates. If the software of your printer is out-of-date, this might lead to your printer not offering you optimal services. Regular updates eliminate loopholes and generally enhance the performance of your printer.
  • If the unit is not printing or prints distortedly, ensure to check for a loose belt and then tighten it. Thereafter, remove and clean the print head. If necessary, install a new factory-sized head.
  • Repair and replace broken parts: should the problem be one a broken or fractured part of your printer, ensure to consult the service of expert technicians such as ours, to restore the broken part. However, should it be one that requires replacement, only replace with parts that are peculiar and recommended by the manufacturer be it Xerox, Ricoh, HP among others.

An important point we observe at HP Printer repair San Fernando Valley, is to handle the parts of your printer with utmost care while repairing it. This is because some parts such as the glass parts known as platen are prone to easy breakages. As such, always ensure to handle them with care and only use approved industry products. As an experienced printer repair company in San Fernando Valley, you can also visit any of our outlets such as Printer repair Burbank, for all your printer repair needs. Start your journey to perfection today, visit any of our outlets for the best printer repairs services!

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